Lab Members

Daniel Conway, Ph.D.

Principal Investigator 

Professor, Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Conway received his Bachelors in Bioengineering from Rice University and a PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.  During his postdoctoral studies with Martin Schwartz he developed FRET-based tension biosensors to study how fluid shear stress affects mechanical forces across cell-cell junctions.  He continues to focus on mechanobiology at cell-cell adhesions, as well as the nucleus.

Peipei Wang, Ph.D.

Post-Doctoral Researcher

Peipei earned her Bachelor’s degree in Clinical Medicine, Master’s degree and PhD in Pediatric from Central South University. During her doctoral study, she visited The Ohio State University, and has been working on the development of genome editing therapeutic strategies for neuromuscular diseases. She joined Dr. Conway's lab as a postdoctoral researcher studing on the nuclear-cytosolic transport project.

Niharika Patel, BS

Research Associate

Niharika graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Biomedical Engineering. She was an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Conway's lab studying epithelial and fibroblast mechanics in wound healing. She rejoined Dr. Conway's lab at OSU as a research associate studing eversion of acini. Outside of lab, Niharika enjoys exploring differnt cuisines in the Columbus area. 

Katie Tieu, BS

Ph.D. Candidate

Katie graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BS in Biomedical Engineering and a BS Mathematical Sciences. She was an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Conway's lab studying the nuclear mechanics of progerin cells. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. under the continued guidance of Dr. Conway to understand the mechanics of viral fusion and the effects of SARS-CoV-2 proteins in vitro. Outside of lab, Katie enjoys hiking with her dog Zeka. 

Bradley Sweeney, MS

Ph.D. Student

Bradley is a Ph.D student from Fort Myers, Florida. He is researching pressure regulation mechanisms in cellular acini. Earning his BS/MS from Tulane University, he completed a master’s thesis on Phenotypic selection in pseudo-quiescent inducing culture of primary human fibroblasts. As his research progresses, Bradley is looking to apply his skills to aid in the transition of research to clinical applications. Outside of the lab, Bradley loves to explore Columbus and go hiking.

Bronson Frank, BS

Ph.D. Student

Bronson graduated from The Ohio State University with a BS in biomedical engineering. He decided to continue his academic career at Ohio State and is currently in the first year of his Ph.D studying biomedical engineering. His research is currently focused on using FRET-nano bodies to measure forces within the cell, as well as exploring the role of the nucleus during cell migration. As his research develops, he looks to apply his research to clinical uses such as cancer metathesis. Outside of the lab, Bronson enjoys to visit his family farm and dog. 

Abhijit Kurse, BS

Ph.D. Student

Coming soon...

Undergraduate Students

Kevin Wheat

Rylee Slisher

Jenna Pirrello

Mandi Zhu