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Cellular Biomechanics


July 2021

Congratulations Vidal on your new adventure as a PhD student at University of Texas-Austin. We will miss you!

March 2021

Just Published:

Congrats to Brooke her new publication: Cell Fragment Formation, Migration, and Force Exertion on Extracellular Mimicking Fiber Nanonets

August 2020

Just Published:

Congrats to Brooke and Katie for their new publication: Lamin microaggregates lead to altered mechanotransmission in progerin-expressing cells

August 2020

Just Published:

Congrats to Katie Tieu for leading our lab's effort on this COVID-19 work:

Maraviroc inhibits SARS-CoV-2 multiplication and s-protein mediated cell fusion in cell culture

June 2020

Congratulations to Jackson White, Conway Lab's REU student in 2019, for starting a job at the Broad Institute in Boston, MA as a Research Scientist! We are so excited for him!

May 2020

Congratulations to Conway Lab undergraduate researchers, Vidal Bejar-Padilla and Hannah Peters, for graduating this semester! You two have done great work!

March 2020

Conway Lab’s PhD student, Brooke Danielsson, was selected by the Lindau Nobel Laureates Council to participate in the 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting this summer in Germany!

March 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Vani Narayanan who defended her thesis today!

January 2020

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Denis, Conway Lab’s Post-doc fellow, who has accepted a fellowship in Switzerland. Good luck Kevin, we will miss you!

January 2020

Congratulations to PhD student Vani Narayanan for her recent publication!

Picture: Conway lab members, Brooke Danielsson and Katie Tieu, helping dyslexic students at TNCS learn about electrical circuits.

Novemeber 2019

The New Community School wrote a post about how EPIC is helping their students learn STEM. Check it out!

October 2019

BMES Conference 2019

9 Conway Lab members attend BMES this year in Philadelphia, giving 1 oral and 6 poster presentations!

August 2019

Ph.D. Candidate, Vani Narayanan, is featured in the September issue of Current Biology. Vani, and collaborators at the University of Flordia, identified fundamental properties of cells that affect how tissue structures forms.

Congrats Vani!

August 2019

Welcoming New PhD Students!

Katie Tieu

Her PhD project will focus on the mechanisms of taking over a genome.

Uzair Rehman

Conway Lab welcomes Uzair from Pakistan!

August 2019

Conway Lab has social media!

August 2019

Newly Published: Mechanical Stabilization of the Glandular Acinus by Linker of Nucleoskeleton and Cytoskeleton Complex

Congrats Vani!

July 2019

Newly Published: Characterization of 3D Printed Stretching Devices for Imaging Force Transmission in Live-Cells

Congratulations to Carl Mayer and other Conway Lab members for their recent publication and making the cover!

May 2019

Conway Lab has two new REU students for the Summer!

Jackson White

A senior at James Madison Univeristy majoring in Biophysical Chemistry

Hayley Eicher

A senior in Biomedical Engineering at Duquesne Univeristy in Pittsburgh, PA

May 2019

Congratulations to Dr. Conway on becoming Associate Tenure Professor at VCU!

April 2019

Ph.D. student Brooke Danielsson awarded National Science Foundation's Graduate Research Fellowship

April 2019

Hayley Eicher, Conway Lab's summer REU student, featured in VCU News

Spring 2018

Daniel Conway, Ph.D., Receives Biomedical Engineering Society CMBE Rising Star Award